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Work smarter, not harder! Let Asutype help you type more accurately and much faster in your everyday computer life.

Asutype will spell check and automatically correct everything you type in any Windows application including Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, web-based email services, dialog boxes and web forms. If you often make unwanted spelling mistakes or typing errors, Asutype will save you time, effort and frustration. It will learn and adapt itself to your keyboarding habits, check your spelling and correct your typing, anywhere, anytime, with only one-keystroke correction.

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How Asutype Works?

The way Asutype works is simple. As you type in any Windows application and if you make a mistake, Asutype will immediately beep and offer a small list of corrections displaying near the mistake:

One-key, one-time fix

  • To choose a correction, just type its number.
  • If the mistake is one you often make, press 0 to correct it now and also tell Asutype to correct it automatically in future.
  • If the word is correct but Asutype doesn't recognize it, press F2 to make Asutype learn it and it will not be flagged as error anymore.
  • If you don't want to change anything, press Escape or just carry on typing and the list will disappear after a few seconds.

Asutype's Distinctive Benefits

Asutype makes correcting errors quick, easy and simple, usually using just one keystroke. You don't need to press backspace repeatedly to go back or use the mouse to make the correction, thus saving you time and effort.

One unique and powerful feature of Asutype is the way it uses 0 key to both correct and learn your frequent mistakes so it can correct them automatically in future, without you have to do anything. After a while, it will learn most of your common mistakes and literally make your typing almost mistake-free. It also makes your typing faster because you don't have to stop, go back and correct mistakes yourself.

But Asutype is more than a real-time spell check software; it's a powerful speed typing tool as well! While you carry on typing, it will watch out for repetitive text patterns and automatically expand any predefined abbreviation into a longer text. You can assign a frequently used text such as your address, your signature, a difficult technical term, a common phrase etc. for a much shorter abbreviation and whenever you want to type the text, just type in the assigned abbreviation and Asutype will automatically replace it with the original text. For example, "tyvm" will be expanded to "thank you very much", "asap" will be expanded to "as soon as possible", saving you even more time.

Who Is Asutype For?

Asutype contains an on-the-fly spell checker and an easy text expander. It is useful for all computer users who use keyboards and invaluable for the following user groups:

  • Medical Transcriptionists
    With a medical spelling dictionary of 62,484 entries and a fast text expander, Asutype will save you at least 30% of typing and make sure everything you type is accurate. It works with all kinds of word processors and medical systems that you are familiar with, too.
  • Help Desk Staff
    The parameterized and multi-clipboard supported text shortcuts let you create and maintain all sorts of canned texts and use them to answer repetitive questions quickly and easily. The on-the-fly spell check engine makes sure everything you type is perfectly correct -- even in live support - boosting up your overall quality of service for your customers.
  • Translators
    Asutype fully supports Unicode and allows you to work with several languages simultaneously. You can use its flexible auto-correction feature to enter accented characters that are not directly available in your keyboard. You can also use its powerful text expansion to store and reuse commonly translated phrases quickly and naturally. Asutype's on-the-fly spell check engine makes sure everything you type is perfectly correct, too.
  • Writers / Editors
    The hot key supported shortcuts and multiple clipboards help you cut, copy, paste and edit documents quickly and easily. You can store and reuse your notes, excerpts, boilerplate texts etc. easily and save time, too. The on-the-fly spell check engine is un-intrusive and will make sure what you type is accurate even if you accidentally slip your fingers.
  • Bloggers / Forums Participants
    The super-powered on-the-fly spell check engine takes care of your typing and makes sure it's mistake-free everywhere and all the time. It never allows any mistake stuck to your posts and/or online writing. You can also use the quick and easy text expansion to retype your signature or frequent texts as well.

Whether you are a hunt-and-peck typist or a touch-typing power user, Asutype will minimize your mistakes, speed up your typing, save you effort and make more efficient use of your time. You'll be happy - we guarantee it!

Asutype 5.0

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* Free spelling dictionaries:
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Asutype's Main Features

  • Automatic on-the-fly spell checking
  • Automatic correction of recognized mistakes
  • Rich options to handle unrecognized mistakes including:
    • Manual correction
    • Interactive correction
    • Automatic correction
  • Automatic learning and recognizing repetitive mistakes
  • Innovative after-you-type spell checking
  • Logging and reviewing of mistakes
  • Automatic typing of frequently used texts
  • Powerful and flexible shortcuts
  • Automation of repetitive typing tasks
  • Multiple clipboards support
  • Multilingual support
  • Global availability

For a complete list of features, click here.