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Our Privacy Policy

Privacy is one of the most common concerns on the Internet. Our privacy policy is as follows:

  • We do not support adware.
    We never use adware technology in our products. We don't collect any click-through information, we don't show banner ads in the product, nothing like that. And when you uninstall our software, all program files and DLLs are completely removed from your computer.
  • Our web sites do not use "cookies" in any way.
    While cookies can be useful for enabling a web site to track which users have seen what information, many people resent the invasion of privacy they represent. Hence, our web sites do not use or collect cookies.
  • We do not sell or redistribute email addresses.
    Email is our preferred method of communication and we value the privilege to use it. Your email address will be stored in our database and will only be used if we need to contact you regarding your orders (e.g. send you the registration code) and/or your interests (e.g. inform you about next upgrades of the program, if you prefer to be informed).

It is our policy not to resell or redistribute in any way personal information gathered from customer orders and/or subscriptions. All information collected from our websites shall be for the sole use of Fanix Software to improve our level of service.

Please feel free to email us at info@fanix.com with any questions you may have! We always welcome inquiries about our security and privacy policies.