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* Current version:  2.5
* Runs on:  Runs on all 32-bit Windows
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Screen space matters. In terms of screen space, larger means better. If you have a bigger window you can view more data, pick information more quickly and have more fun. You can always make your window bigger simply by re-sizing it; and the biggest window you can make is a full screen window: the entire screen is exclusively devoted to it.

But how can you make your window FULL SCREEN? The answer is simple: Use Full Screen command - the unique command that Full Screen software adds to every window in your system!

Full Screen is a unique Operating System-level desktop management software that lets you make any window full screen by a simple mouse click. Besides giving your windows the largest available screen space, Full Screen also provides a lot of features to help you manipulate your windows more easily and effectively:

  • Sizing a window to about any size (much bigger than the monitor size).
  • Keeping a window always on top of other windows.
  • Making a window fix in position, fix in size or both.
  • Aligning a window to the left, top, center, right or bottom edge of the screen.
  • Hiding a window from the screen, the task-bar and the Alt+Tab chain, but still keeping it running.
  • Minimizing a window to as an icon in the system tray.
  • Moving a window around easily by clicking and dragging anywhere inside it, not just in its title bar.

Full Screen seems to be the first and the only software provides such features on the market today. For those who always want to see more, Full Screen is really a valuable gift from Fanix Software!

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(Make your working window full screen to get the maximum screen space available and work more effectively)
Version: 2.5
Requirements: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32-bit
File Size: 501KB
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